[CR]Re: More mixed Campi NR brake holder sets out there?

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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 13:22:48 -0800
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Subject: [CR]Re: More mixed Campi NR brake holder sets out there?


I received three replies to my offer to trade CPSC for non-CPSC Campi NR brake holders, and have accomplished the swap with member Ed Busch in TN, so his Bottechia will have pre-CPSC brakes and my Allegro will have nice black brake accents. :-)

Apparently there are a few more "mismatched brake caliper set" owners out in CR land, so I encourage others to offer a trade here on the list if they want to have a more uniform-looking braking system. USPS cost is between $1.50 - $6 (First Class to Priority mail for a few ounces if you keep your own nuts and washers and just swap the brake holders).



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> Listers,
> I am not certain how this came to be, but the front and rear Campi
> 2040/2041 NR brake calipers that I have are a "mixed set." One has
> the plastic-coated (CPSC-approved) wheel guides and one caliper has
> the uncoated, pre-CPSC wheel guides. Has anyone else ever seen a
> "mismatched" set of brake calipers come stock on a production bike
> before?
> These brakes came on my second Raleigh Pro Mark IV, which replaced
> one that was stolen. I dimly recall replacing the brake shoes along
> the way some 25 years ago, but cannot imagine why I would have
> "upgraded" only one set of wheel guides to the CPSC plastic-coated
> version and not both. Is it possible that my second Raleigh Pro might
> have come with a deliberately "mismatched set" of calipers? I cannot
> imagine not having noticed this disparity before, but the brakes have
> been in a box for almost 20 years, since I bought my TREK 2000 in
> 1987.
> I am interested in trading my two brake shoe holders with non-CPSC
> wheel guides for a set of brake shoe holders with the CPSC plastic-
> coated guides. Please contact me off-list if you are interested in
> two brake shoe holders with pre-CPSC wheel guides (ca. 1975?). I'd
> say they are in good condition. Used OEM Campi brake pads are
> included.
> Thanks,
> Jon Spangler
> in Alameda, CA USA
> (who can't wait for American Cyclery's "antique parts and bikes" sale
> preview tomorrow afternoon in SF)

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