[CR]WONDER leg lights, Federal reimbursement for bike commuting

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To: Dale Brown <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
From: Jon Spangler <hudsonspangler@earthlink.net>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 22:37:11 -0800
Subject: [CR]WONDER leg lights, Federal reimbursement for bike commuting


I used to use those (in)famous Wonder leg lights and headlights, back in the days when they were the highest-tech non-generator battery lights available for cycling. Compared to my current (and very off- topic) NiteRider 13.2V dual-beam headlamp with12W and 20W bulbs, both were "suicide lights." I was very innovative with my leg light compared to some of my peers: I cut off the worthless metal buckle and sewed Velcro to the flimsy cotton. The Velcro was a huge improvement, as were the alkaline batteries we substituted for the lead-acid Wonder/Matex batteries in both lamps. (And we did not have helmets yet, either....)

Here's a quick addendum to our earlier discussion about how generous the provisions of the new Bicycle Commuter Act (2008) might be. A more detailed discussion of this new law can be found in an October 11, 2008 posting to the Bike to Work Day blog: http:// bicycle2work2day.blogspot.com/

"It looks like the maximum benefit is $20/month or $240/year. That will certainly get you a low end commuter but it will not cover all the additional gear that you will need."

$240 a year may not buy an Unobtanium Colnago, a Cinelli, or a Brian Bayliss frame, but it would buy a couple of vintage chains or chain rings (perhaps even a pantographed one?) or quite a few Wonder leg light "C" cell batteries for commuting home in the dark.

Jon Spangler
Alameda, CA USA