[CR]WTB: Parts for my Allegro, and a Simplex Super LJ question

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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 15:28:24 -0800
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Subject: [CR]WTB: Parts for my Allegro, and a Simplex Super LJ question


Speaking of Stronglight rings, I am still looking for parts for my 1975-ish Allegro, to be a rider, not a show bike:

(1) 34 or 36 T inner ring for my Stronglight 99 crank set (86 MM BCD) to set up as a compact double with a 52T outer and a wide-range rear standard 6-speed (13-26 or so) rear cluster. (I have a 38 already, but may need lower gearing for hills.)

(1) New rubber hoods to fit my Campi NR brakes (ca. 1973?)

Eventually I also want a 26.6 MM Simplex steel seatpost, too--used and usable condition preferred.

(I like my parts to look like me--older and battle-scarred :-), as long as the look does not impact performance.)

I also have a question for all the Super LJ rear derailleur users out there--how well do they work on Campi dropouts? Dennis Stone at my LBS says that the LJs do not work well with the Campis, and I only used them on my Simplex-dropout PX-10 LE in my previous life...


Jon Spangler who should be unpacking moving boxes and not thinking about bikes in Alameda, CA USA

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> Dec. 2, 08
> Dear List,
> concerning the 122 BCD Nervar cranksets, these were used on quite a
> few mid-range machines in the late 70's and early 80's.
> I got to know my wife on a bicycle tour in Masuria, Poland in 1996.
> She was riding her 80's Formula TS mixte from KTM, the Austrian bike
> company, and it had 122 BCD Nervar cranks. Current KTM info: http://
> http://www.ktm-bikes.at/
> If anybody wants to buy a used pair, I've got two. One has black steel
> chainrings in 52/42, the other aluminum rings with an inner spider
> (rings pattern looks similar to Nuovo Record but not as high end) in
> 50/42. Both cranks are 170mm and have standard British threading. Say
> 45 bucks for the aluminum crank, 35 bucks for the steel. I've also got
> Stronglight 122 BCD stuff. Just contact me off list, I can supply
> pics.
> Greets
> Kai Hilbertz
> Munich, Germany
> On 02.12.2008, at 17:27, Fred Rednor wrote:

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