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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 16:32:45 -0700
To: John Hurley <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Wheelbuilding Questions
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Normally, as is from the factory - go ahead and lace, lube and true.

However, sometimes when rebuilding a wheel that was originally machine built - you'll find an eyelet that a nipple ate into creating a burr...

Smoothing / removing the burr would certainly help - long as there's 2mm or more of material left (alloy rim) everything should be fine.

Generally it is okay to drill presta to schraeder...clean the burrs with a fine

file when you are done - minor filing is usually enough. Examine the rim before you drill - judgement call really on your part.

If anyone does insist on fine sanding or polishing rim eyelet seats to a fine or mirror finish, I have to ask: What are you trying to achieve?

I.e., after decades of rims getting built as-is and serving out useful lives before being let out to pasture - what sudden societal revolutionary design paragdigm shift has occurred that requires it?


Robert Shackelford San Jose, CA USA

Quoting John Hurley <>:
> Have any of you found a need or value in preparing/cleaning/deburring
> the rim eyelets on the inside, so the spoke nipples will seat well? How
> about deburring and smoothing the valve stem hole? Is there any harm in
> reaming the valve stem hole from Presta size to Shraeder size?
> Thanks,
> John Hurley
> Austin, Texas, USA