re: [CR]Need some input on a Cinelli frame on ebay Dec 08

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Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 12:32:13 -0600
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Subject: re: [CR]Need some input on a Cinelli frame on ebay Dec 08
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I would not claim to be an expert on early Cinellis, but this one rings pretty true to me for what they claim. First, I like the secondary hole on the drop-out, the spring anchor for the Campy "Sport" single-pulley derailleur. This was discontinued ~1961, if I recall correctly, although builders used up stock dropouts for several years after. Second, the attachments of the brake bridge and chainstay bridge look typical to me: workmanlike, not prettified. Similarly, the picture of the bottom of the crown speaks of a builder who was not obsessed with pretty. also, it doesn't have holes in the lugs.

But, I could be wrong.

harvey sachs temporarily in Avon Lake ohio, where it is ugly weather

Chas Nighbor wrote:

RARE vintage campagnolo equipped CINELLI bike 60s? with rare BB oil port Item number: 130277313756

Is this a 60s built Cinelli? if not what years built?