[CR]My mid 70's Gran Sport

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Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2008 11:56:23 -0800
From: "Rich Pinder" <rpinder@usc.edu>
To: classic <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]My mid 70's Gran Sport

I'm on a tear here, with mid level bikes! This one is a Gran Sport, the model DL 160 I think. I rescued it because I liked the color. Someone said it is 'Periwinkle' blue ? But I found up on Sheldons site the catalog picture (linked on my page - click the Heron logo) calls a reverse imaged scheme 'Lagoon Blue / White'.

In addition to being totally gucked up with years of grime, this bike came with an assortment of broken, plastic, simplex shifters and derailleurs. In another fit of Irreverance, I opted for a VGT and some allow suntour levers. (hey, I figured it was like droppin a 283 in an early Jaguar - no harm, no foul ??). I took it for a Christmas Eve ride - LOVE the ride. From the catalog: "...a more comfortable yet efficient riding position than an all out racing bike..." - So that translates into what... a 2 degree difference in the head/seat tube angles ??

Seat tube has the 'Carlton' decal, and the heronHeadbadge says 'Nottingham'. Hmmm. Do I recall someone saying all the 531 frames were done at Carlton (the Worksop shop) ??

The seat is one worn Brooks... with a swap out, I think this bike will see a LOT of riding !!

Pics at: http://www-hsc.usc.edu/~rpinder/gransport.html
> I came up with a plan - I'm working on my "Twelve Days of Bicycle
> Christmas". Do any of you have those bike projects, that are JUST
> about completed.... or you've got the bike riding, but SOMETHING is
> not quite right ? We'll, my goal in this two week vacation is to
> work on, and complete, TWELVE of these things (above Trek is one
> !).... It'll be a GREAT feeling if I pull it off.
Rich Pinder
Van Nuys, CA