Re: [CR] HELP!!!! 86' Ciocc caught in torrential rain

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Date: Fri, 26 Dec 2008 09:24:50 -0600
From: Eric Burns <>
To: Jesse Hearndon <>
Subject: Re: [CR] HELP!!!! 86' Ciocc caught in torrential rain
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Jesse Hearndon wrote:
> I got stuck out on my Ciocc with original chrome in a torrential rainstorm
> traveling most of the time at 25+ mph. There is some surface rust on some c
> omponents, and the chrome has a little bit on it too. Factory original,
> since build has never been left in rain.
> It's been about two days since, how do I get this stuff off without scrat
> ching my chrome? Any solvents? What about Never-Dull?
> Thanks
> Jesse Hearndon
> West Melbourne, FL

WD40 on a paper towel, that should remove any surface rust that hasn't really 'rooted'.

"Krud Kutter" rust remover (available from Menard's) will take out all but the very worst rust, mostly leaving the remaining chrome untouched. Spray it on, wipe it off. If more persuasion is needed, use only brass or plastic, no steel wool.

Good Luck,

Rick Burns
Streator, IL usa