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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 10:30:03 -0800
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Today's ride
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West Texas isn't so bad. Huge swings in temperature, as is characteristic of what is basically a desert environment. In the last two weeks we've had lows as low as 20F and highs as high as 78F. I wimped out one or two days this month when a 30 mph North wind made the 20F a wind chill of about 12F, but otherwise, I've ridden to work every day. Unlike So Cal, we do need the long sleeve wool jerseys, long wool socks, wool winter trainers and wool caps and gloves most of the winter, though. But we don't need to resort to rollers - and too much rain is never a problem. In fact, It's bad charma here to complain about rain - one risks angering the rain gods.


Jerry Moos cool but clear today in Big Spring, West Texas, USA

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\r?\n> Subject: [CR]Today's ride

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\r?\n> Date: Sunday, December 28, 2008, 10:34 AM

\r?\n> "Dear List,

\r?\n> Rode up to La Jolla today on the 1947 Camille Daudon.

\r?\n> It's been

\r?\n> a while, but she sure was fun! Showed her off at

\r?\n> California Bicycle in

\r?\n> L.J. Then meet a couple on a recumbent tandem and they took

\r?\n> me home up a

\r?\n> moderately long hill to Hillcrest instead of the

\r?\n> sprinter's route of

\r?\n> Pacific Coast Hiway. Got to use the suicide front changer

\r?\n> and she

\r?\n> worked like a charm.

\r?\n> This bike belonged to Spence Wolf of Cupertino Bike Shop

\r?\n> and

\r?\n> Peter Johnson finally got his hands on her after years of

\r?\n> lusting at her

\r?\n> in the shop's window. I managed to sweet talk Peter

\r?\n> outta her 5 years

\r?\n> ago and have only ridden her a few times since. She is

\r?\n> COOL! And the

\r?\n> matching ladies biuke is Sally's!

\r?\n> What did youse guys ride today?


\r?\n> John T.Pergolizzi"


\r?\n> Dear John,


\r?\n> New rule. People in So Cal cannot talk about riding between

\r?\n> the months of

\r?\n> Dec.- March. :)


\r?\n> My ride today will be on some on-topic American Repair

\r?\n> Stand rollers in my

\r?\n> shop.


\r?\n> Forecast only calls for 15 more straight days of rain

\r?\n> though.


\r?\n> Jon Williams

\r?\n> Grants Pass OR USA