[CR]All I Wanted For Christmas Was My Tout MAVIC...

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From: "R.S. Broderick" <rsb000@hotmail.com>
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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 17:25:54 -0600
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Subject: [CR]All I Wanted For Christmas Was My Tout MAVIC...

Christmas 2008 has barely come and gone. And while I was fortunate enough not to find too many lumps of coal in my stocking, neither did that merry old elf bestow upon me just what I had hoped for to finish off the "tout MAVIC / tout Français" Vitus 979 build. Therefore, I thought it apropos to solicit the vast resources of the CR List in an effort to perhaps source those last few niggling bits I seek:

1) MAVIC 310 threaded headset - 1" (25.4 mm) x 24 TPI English thread - high strength Duralumin (aluminum alloy) construction - Silver anodized finish - 1/8" ball bearings with plastic retainers - alloy top nut - alloy cups with stainless steel race inserts - stainless steel fork crown race - model 310 .. [Introduced for model year 1984, the MAVIC 310 headset was essentially a refinement of the original model 300 which had first appeared back in late 1978 (...both the 300 and 310 models were available in 1984 and 1985 with the 300 being deleted commencing with model year 1986 and the 310 continuing production until being superseded itself by the model 305 in 1989). While the exterior form of the 300 and 310 models are nearly identical, significant differences can be found internally - the former being based upon an ingenious wholly integrated design of J.P.R. origin which utilized fewer parts, loose ball bearings, and (...unfortunately) aluminum alloy races which wore out far too quickly, whereas the latter incorporated precision stainless steel bearings housed in plastic retainers along with pressed and hardened stainless steel bearing races - a combination which resulted in considerable more durability than its predecessor. I actually have a very nice low mileage one of these MAVIC 310 headsets on hand ... BUT .. the one I have is French threaded whereas I find myself in need of one having English threads.]

2) MAVIC 370 stem - aluminum alloy - 22.0 mm quill - 26.0 mm size clamp - 90 to 110 mm length preferred, but I will certainly consider a 115 or 120 mm - single bolt hidden quick release / fully detachable lower collar with forward dovetail fitting - model 370 ... [This is a vintage MAVIC version of the clever "quick release" style stem that handily obviates the need to remove the bar tape, brake lever, and mounting post from one side of your handlebars in order to snake them through a traditional quill stem upon removal. The model 370 stem was introduced for the 1984 model year to supplement the original MAVIC model 360 stem that bore a strong resemblance to a Cinelli 1A, and it continued on in production through model year 1991 concurrent to the model 365 stem which itself debuted in 1986. It would be my strong preference to find a pre 1990 version of the 370 stem having the solid block letter "MAVIC" logo as opposed to the latter "open face" style of logo.]

3) MAVIC Argent 12 SSC rims - heat treated aluminum alloy with double eyelets - clear anodized "Argent" or "Silver" finish - 20 mm section - box profile - smooth / non-machined braking surfaces - 700c tubular - drilled for Presta valves - 32h front / 32h rear - primary foil label having stylized diamond shaped "MAVIC" logo in Red and Gold above the words "MADE IN FRANCE" located at the seam - additional markings include Gold background rectangular foil label having squared corners reading "SPECIAL SERVICE des COURSES" in Black letters, and individual "M" "A" "V" "I" "C" letters in Black located opposite the seam - model Argent 12 SSC ... [MAVIC debuted their distinctive Blue anodized "Bleu SSC" tubular rims back in late 1971 for the impending 1972 racing season, at which point they were essentially available only to professional riders. By the year 1975, however, MAVIC had opted to commercialize both their original "Bleu SSC" and the more traditional in appearance Silver "Argent 12 SSC" rims coincident to the introduction of their latest "Grise SSC" type Paris-Roubaix rims which featured a wider 21.5 mm cross section as well as a revolutionary durable hard-anodized Grey finish - a product which itself was to subsequently become commercialized for public consumption some four years later in 1979. It just so happens that I have a perfect NOS pair of Argent 12 SSC rims on hand ... BUT ... mine are 36 hole versions whereas the MAVIC 550 hubset I intend to use has only 32 holes each (...aaaaargh!). Sooooo, I either need to find 32 hole SSC rims (...Argent 12 silver versions preferred, hard anodized Pairs-Roubaix considered, but the Bleu won’t due) ... OR ... I need to find an NOS or otherwise really, really nice pair of MAVIC 550 RD hubs having 36 holes each (...QR skewers not required). A variation on the original model 500 RD hubset, the improved 550 RD version which debuted sometime around the year 1982 was a modification begot of feedback derived from MAVIC’s unique relationship with professional riders in the European pro peloton. While it is true that the 550 RD does have a protective anodized surface finish on both its hub body and axle unlike its predecessor, perhaps more importantly with respect to its being able to better withstand the rigors of racing, it also has an outboard bearing on the freewheel side of its rear hub absent the end cap found on the corresponding model 500 RD. By virtue of placing the drive side bearing such, this version of the MAVIC rear sealed bearing hub allows for a wider distance between load bearing points with particular emphasis on the amount of outboard axle overhang on the freewheel side, thereby minimizing the opportunity for bending said axle under extreme conditions.]

Thank you in advance for any consideration that fellow CR List members might give to my request(s). I am in a position to purchase any of the aforementioned components outright ... OR ... I am more than willing negotiate either a full or partial trade depending upon the specific needs of the seller.

All I want for Christmas is my Tout MAVIC, my Tout MAVIC, see my Tout MAVIC!

Gee, if I could only have my Tout MAVIC, then I could wish you "Merry Christmas."

Robert "wishing one and all a Joyous Holiday Season regardless" Broderick ..the "Frozen Flatlands" of South Dakota Sioux Falls, USA