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I seem to recall that in the case of arms improperly tightended to the axle , the left would tend to loosen and fail at the square before the right.

Cheers from Dallas, Texas, USA, Earth Clyde "torque wrench" Putman

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I have long wonderd why I have trouble finding orphan crank arms mat ches.
     I have wondered about the failure of Campagnolo drive side 'spider' cracks and resulting failures. Shouldn't that result in more off side orpha ns than drive side orphans? Why is it that orphan crank arms are availabl e for the drive side more than the off side arms?
     I can only imagine that tandem 'take-offs' result in more drive arm orphans being available than off side arms, for TA cranksets. Even with tha t cranksets not usually associated with tandem usage still have more driv e side orphans than non-drive side arms.
    Is it possible that in racing more off side arms hit the pavement and
   are broken that drive side arms?
    I love finding orphans as a sub-hobby.
    Happy Trails,
    John Strizek
    Sacramento , California
    in the USA