[CR]KOF Frames for sale on eBay Dec 08

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From: Charles Nighbor <cnighbor1@comcast.net>
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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 16:42:24 -0800
cc: Charles F Nighbor <cnighbor1@comcast.net>
Subject: [CR]KOF Frames for sale on eBay Dec 08

On ebay Custom Bike Frameset (track,road,fix,tour, Deda tubes) Item number: 170289823933

a new frame builder in Palo Alto, CA, United States < http://www.newwaybikes.com/> ''A few photos of my (his) past builds: < http://s375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/sannerbikes700/> ''
>From his ebay listing,

''Completely Custom Hand Built Lugged Steel Bicycle Frameset

This auction is for a custom lugged steel frame and fork, which I build to your specification. I will build this frame with Dedacciai Cromo tubing (oversized or standard), and the forks will be of Tange Cromo tubing. I also have auctions for a frameset of True Temper OX Platinum and Columbus tubing.

I am starting the bidding at cost.

Lugged steel frames are the strongest, longest lasting and most durable bicycle frames available, which is why I offer a lifetime warranty on my frames.

I hand build my frames from top-quality steel tubing, silver brazed investment cast lugs and bottom bracket shell, and precise steel dropouts.

My frames literally start at the drawing board, where I carefully draw up each customer frame, and end at the customer's doorstep, where a polished frame built exactly to specification is delivered.

This is a custom frame and fork only, painted.

I build touring frames, road racing frames, fixed gear frames, cross frames and everything in between.

General specification for all my frames:

Standard English threaded bottom bracket

Horizontal top-tube

27.2 mm seat post

What I need for you to choose:

1. Tubing: Standard or oversized tubing. 1" or 1&1/8" head tube.

2. Top tube and seat tube length measurement in centimeters.

3. Head tube and seat tube angle.

4. Bottom bracket drop.

5. Dropout type.

6. Dropout spacing.

5. Brake mount type.

6. Tire clearance.

7. Cable routing.

8. Paint color for frame and fork.

9. Fork (Most only available in 1-1/8", 1 is available in 1". Please take note)

To make this stuff easy, go to my website and fill out the "frame specs" form, and note who you are: http://www.newwaybikes.com

I will have your frame out the door in 1 month after recieving payment and frame specification details.

I am a framebuilder who has been building locally in California and have recently decided to offer my frames on here. Please do not be wary that I have no feedback. Your frame will be out the door in 4 weeks or less, and will be built exactly to specification. My first feedback is from the last frame I sold on Ebay.

Please feel free to ask questions''

Not seller but he is in the bay area were I live and ride

Charles Nighbor

Walnut Creek, CA USA