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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 20:05:12 -0800
From: David Ross <>
Subject: Re: [CR]753 Paramount???
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Since this thread is persisting, John has given a (tentative) KOF ruling, and the listmeister hasn't shut it down yet, I'll add my information.

I have a 1989 Schwinn Lightweight catalog, which describes the Waterford-built Paramount, including the new Paramount OS. I also have a Paramount OS bicycle, done up in Team Wheaties/Schwinn livery and parts. While the catalog does not name the tubing manufacturer for the OS frame, I understand that it was made by True Temper, to Schwinn's specs. The three choices of frame material, according to the 1989 catalog, were:

-standard-sized Columbus tubing -Schwinn-specific OS steel tubing -aluminum

The lugs on the OS are very nice, indeed!

Those wanting to see a few photos (no detailed ones yet) of my (lugged steel, maybe KOF) OS Paramount can visit here:

There you will also find photos of several on topic bikes and projects, including my '38 Durkopp, a circa-1925 Bon Star (Ozzy scorcher), 1969 Flying Scot Continental, 1975 Major Nichols track bike, a 1954 Ephgrave No. 1, 1952 Hobbs Blue Riband, etc. etc. Even a '70s touring bike by R Sachs, both on topic and a much-revered KOF. I've also scanned and uploaded my circa-1925 Reynolds Tube Co., Ltd. pamphlet.

Dave Ross feeling uploaded-out in Portola Valley, California USA

david wrote:
> I emailed this seller about this and wasn't answered. I have a 753 Paramount
> and this isn't one. My guess True Temper, Off topic too....

and then John wrote:

As it is lugged steel, it could be considered KOF material. But I don't recall that 753 was ever available in oversize diameters. With the conspicuous lack of tubing decals, I'm with you in thinking it is probably True Temper.