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Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 08:45:04 -0600
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At 12/28/2008 10:26 AM -0800, Bob Freitas wrote:
> I think the Italians had a great design where the upper
> tube curved up where it joined the seat tube. I believe this gave
> that joint a much stronger bond and reinforcement. This area was
> usually chromed to put a durable finish in an area which would
> receive a lot of wear. I would have posted a photo but amazingly
> could only find one which was quite poor. Our collecting must
> really be gender specific even though I would expect 5-10% of my
> sales were Ladies bikes (counting 3 speed lightweights

Bob, Those were/are quite lovely. However, they only make sense with heavy, relatively soft tubing. You could never bend a light, butted tube to that radius. I may put a very large radius curve in the TT though. I made a bender that gives about a 22" radius to a 1" tube.

This thread is starting to drift OT but I will be using mostly 531 and at least some of the joints will be Bi-Laminated.

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