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Not sure where you get that the Pro was not suitable. For one thing in 1971 serious racing bikes were not easy to get in the USA. The Raleigh Pro in 1970 was available in good local bike shops and came with very nice build for the money. I bought one new then and paid $279, this included the first Campi brakes without logo and 250 silk tires. I ended up using this bike as a touring bike and rode it from Portland Oregon to Panama. Not the best bike for this kind of job, but it worked fine. The frame design was not radical at all. I don't think much of direct fit seat stays, but they really don't make any difference in the ride. Also, USA did not have really top level riders at this time period so I really don't think the bike used would have made much difference. My bike had 170mm cranks, I wish it would have had 172.5 as these were not seen much. The normal crank now days is 175mm.

Jim Merz Big Sur Sunny and 60deg.

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I think you are correct about the Team Pro being introduced around 75 to 76 . Of course we have a member or two who were involved in actually building them, so perhaps they will weigh in. I think the rideability of the early 70's Pros is debatable. The Victor direct, i.e. fastback, stays and steep angles, at least by the mid 70's, made them pretty stiff. Some saw this a s "harsh" others as "responsive". Pretty good for criteriums, at least asi de from Raleigh's habit of using 172.5 cranks even on 21" frames. Maybe a bit tiring for a long road race, not sure how long a course was used for Ol ympic Selections.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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\r?\n> Interesting that this '72 road list shows 5 raleighs, on

\r?\n> the heels of a thr

\r?\n> ead questioning the ride-ability of early 70's Raleigh

\r?\n> Pros. Was the team

\r?\n> pro around then? I thought it was more c.75-76, seem to

\r?\n> recall that tow-

\r?\n> headed junior from Nevada on one around that time when he

\r?\n> was busy lapping

\r?\n> Senior 1's & 2's in 30 & 40 mile

\r?\n> criteriums (gear-limited then, too!) 


\r?\n> Dale Phelps

\r?\n> Montagna lunga Colorado




\r?\n> ROAD

\r?\n> Raleigh (5)

\r?\n> Masi (3)

\r?\n> Cinelli (2)

\r?\n> Zieleman (1)

\r?\n> Pennine (1)

\r?\n> Hill (1)

\r?\n> Galmazzi (1)

\r?\n> Witcomb (1)

\r?\n> Frejus (1)

\r?\n> Corky (1)

\r?\n> Falcon (2)

\r?\n> Gitane (1)


\r?\n> TRACK

\r?\n> Orero (2)

\r?\n> Rih (2)

\r?\n> Atala (2)

\r?\n> Frejus (1)

\r?\n> Schwinn (3)

\r?\n> Falcon (2)

\r?\n> Condor (1)

\r?\n> Raleigh (1)

\r?\n> Gitane (1)


\r?\n> Angel Garcia

\r?\n> Long Valley, NJ, warm but the roads are a goopy wet mess






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\r?\n> <>



\r?\n> I have a 1972 Vol 1, No. 1 issue of "Northeast Bicycle

\r?\n> News", the

\r?\n> publication that went on to become Velonews. Perhaps not

\r?\n> too many of

\r?\n> these

\r?\n> around? It was published by Robert and Barbara George.



\r?\n> Appearing in photographs are Al Toefield (Dir. US Olymplic

\r?\n> Cycling

\r?\n> Committee), Doug Dale, Patrick Gellineau, Bob Gray, Yves

\r?\n> Landry, Vicenzo

\r?\n> Meco, and John Allis (racing in the 1971 Tour Cycliste de

\r?\n> L'Est which

\r?\n> took

\r?\n> place in Quebec). Again, John Allis (in the Tour of

\r?\n> Mexico).


\r?\n> A March through November, 1972, northeast race calendar

\r?\n> appears as the

\r?\n> centerfold.


\r?\n> It was reported that no date had been set for the White

\r?\n> Mountain 100km

\r?\n> "billed as the toughest race in the East because of

\r?\n> its 1,000 foot

\r?\n> climb".


\r?\n> There is an article on the planned 1972 Tour of California

\r?\n> which will be

\r?\n> 9

\r?\n> days and 800 miles.


\r?\n> This issue did not have any advertisers but had the rates

\r?\n> for

\r?\n> classifieds

\r?\n> for future issues.


\r?\n> Subscription rates: 20 issues for $6.00


\r?\n> Angel Garcia

\r?\n> Long valley, NJ






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\r?\n> Subject: [CR]stuff that may be of importance?

\r?\n> To:



\r?\n> By way of a bit of fun, as opposed to 'heated oppinions

\r?\n> over identifying

\r?\n> frames etc' here's something for us to ponder over

\r?\n> the next day or so

\r?\n> before the new year................ that is if you feel

\r?\n> inclined to do

\r?\n> so.


\r?\n> Has anyone got any equipment, clothing etc [on topic] that

\r?\n> has got some

\r?\n> relevent importance, I don't mean rare items but

\r?\n> something on the lines

\r?\n> of 'once belonged or was used by so and so'

\r?\n> ............for example, I

\r?\n> believe Dave Marsh has the actual jersey that Tom Simpson

\r?\n> died in.


\r?\n> I have a few items of interest perhaps?

\r?\n> A Super Record MK2 rear gear, chainset, brakes, and 3 hole

\r?\n> wasted band

\r?\n> front gear that came off [former GB National Pro road

\r?\n> champ] Phil

\r?\n> Edwards  Moser team bike [circa 1981], I had the complete

\r?\n> bike, but sold

\r?\n> or swapped various bits.


\r?\n> I also had a 'Bic' silk time trial jersey that

\r?\n> belonged to Luis O'cana,

\r?\n> brought over to the UK by Barry Hoban, incidently my old

\r?\n> boss Steve

\r?\n> Woodrup has a post card signed by the GB team, including

\r?\n> Tom Simpson,

\r?\n> sent the day before he died [again brought over by Barry

\r?\n> Hoban]


\r?\n> My most recent acquisition is a very nice customised Brooks

\r?\n> Pro saddle,

\r?\n> that won the 1967 world amateur  road champs for GB,

\r?\n> [Graham Webb].


\r?\n> You get the idea................something to do if

\r?\n> your'e a bit bored?


\r?\n> Cheers and happy cycling for 2009

\r?\n> Kevin Sayles

\r?\n> Bridgwater. Somerset. UK