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Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 15:33:15 -0600
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Ted - I did a lot of hot-rodding on Schwinn Town & Country tandems; wasn't always pretty. Our first one came with an English "racer" 26" size wheel, but don't if it was original to the bike. I eventually converted that bike (and a triplet) to 700c rims, which worked fine with medium reach CP brakes. Of course, getting the wheel out in back required either letting the air out, or changing the drop-outs to vertical, which I did. I also converted one to 26" MTB tires. On that one, I replaced the fork and rear triangle, to get clearance for fat tires. Sacrificed a busted MTB frameset as the donor.

Despite this, I really had a lot of love and respect for the old girls. But, mine were far from pristine, and they were common enough that I didn't mind 'hybridizing' them.

harvey sachs mcLean va usa.

Ted Ernst wrote:

Happy New Year everyone and all! Looking to buy a set of tires to fit a Town and Country Schwinn Tandem. Tire size is 26x1-1/2, AKA: S-4. Think this is about same as 650B, and is the equivilant of 32-584. Am I correct, and if so anyone have a source? If not, please correct me, and then I still need a source.
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates