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Good point about the right turn aspect...sometimes the bicycle lanes put you where you really do not want to be when cars make right turns. When I approach

intersections I typically migrate to a point about what would be a foot out from the right front corner of a passing car - my way saying: "Hold off on the

right turn a second, will you?"

To brief, I think bike lanes can undermine defensive driving.


I've seen several right turn accidents...couple were simple stops and slides by

the cyclist with minor scratches and stuff - but I have seen one where the cyclist hit and went over the top. Scares the crap out of you when you see it.

I was the victim of a left-turner who was the victim of a split-second parking

lot deserter - suffice to say it didn't turn out well for me just as in the case of right turn victims.


Robert Shackelford San Jose, CA USA

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> Sadiq Gill wrote:
> > Dear Lists:
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> > I live in a City with no dedicated bike lanes in the City or elsewhere. I
> > have somewhat of an ear with some City planner people and am pondering a
> > bike lane initiative.I am soliciting comments from members who live in
> bike
> > laned cities.
> Al my serious roadaccidents have been while riding on a bikepath and
> with cars turning right. Turning traffic into two separate systems only
> works untill they meet
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> mvg
> Marten