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Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 10:27:19 -0600
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List, Thanks to all who replied both on-list and off-list to my questions about preparing nipple seats and valve stem holes. There was a full range of opinion, from "always" to "never". The best advice seems to be not to assume rims are perfect, but to look them over before lacing and carefully smooth anything that needs it. One interesting thought regarding valve stem holes was that you can always turn a Schrader rim into a Presta rim by simply drilling a second hole. I'm not convinced, however, that a Presta valve would mind using an oversized hole instead of the usual 6mm. The actual problem which prompted my question is that I have a small bayonet-like burr sticking up inside the rim, which will obviously conflict with the spoke nipple. Upon closer inspection, it is now clear to me that something went wrong with the eyelet during manufacture. I'll need to either crush or remove the burr, but there is a possibility the eyelet may come loose. The question now becomes, has anyone ever tried replacing a rim eyelet? Thanks, John Hurley Austin, Texas USA

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Have any of you found a need or value in preparing/cleaning/deburring the rim eyelets on the inside, so the spoke nipples will seat well? How about deburring and smoothing the valve stem hole? Is there any harm in reaming the valve stem hole from Presta size to Shraeder size?
John Hurley
Austin, Texas, USA