Re: [CR]Information Please: Campagnolo High Flange thread pitch grooves

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Date: Mon, 01 Dec 2008 13:54:22 -0600
Organization: The Crimson Permanent Assurance
Subject: Re: [CR]Information Please: Campagnolo High Flange thread pitch grooves
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From: John Thompson <>

John Thompson wrote:
> bruce thomson wrote:
>> My small flange hubs have the thread pitch stamped between the end of
>> the f
>> reewheel threads and the flanges. My High Flange hubs do not. But on
>> some there are grooves. No groove meand ??, one groove means??, and
>> two grooves mean ?? I saw this information at least one time earlier
>> and now cannot find it. If anyone has the answers AND a source please
>> reply.
> Your large flange hubs are older than your small flange ones; Campy only
> started printing the thread pitch in the early 80's IIRC. A single
> groove on an older Campy hub indicates English threading. 2 grooves is
> French, no grooves is Italian.

Whoops! My mistake; Campy only marked English threading; French and Italian are unmarked but readily distinguished by the 1mm difference in diameter (35mm=French, 36mm=Italian). An Italian freewheel will not engage a French thread hub at all, and a French freewheel is to small to even start on an Italian thread hub.


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Appleton WI USA