RE: [CR]A BH track hub. Italian ?

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Subject: RE: [CR]A BH track hub. Italian ?
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RE: [CR]A BH track hub. Italian ?,

It's as Italian as you are. Looks like a BH Airlite, the BH standing for "British Hubs" or some similarly clever marketing name.

I think it is not a track hub, as it does not have threads for a lock ring. More likely it is a two- or three-speed freewheel hub for time trialing.

I wil be happy to build it into a wheel for you, but if you put a fixed cog on it, you will not be able to do those cool skid-stops like the hipsters do.

Greg Reiche


Vista, CA USA

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Subject: [CR]A BH track hub. Italian ?

Well, first of all I'd like to thank the many people who have offered advic

e and info on the Mercier bike I uploaded yesterday, and decline the offers

people have made me in the hope of getting me to sell it.


As I can't be expected to pull team bikes out of a hat like rabbits -that w

as a once in a lifetime find - it's back to mundane stuff. Like I rcently a

cquired a niceish track hub, BH which you can view at\ufffd



Question being, is it Italian ?


Finally, I'd like to ask if anybody is on good terms with Mr Franceso Moser

and could provide me an introduction, or at least some contact details, as

I have another 1974 team bike arriving later this week and he is the perso

n who could authenticate it most easily.


Thanks again

Nick March, Agen, 47000 Lot et Garonne, France