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Subject: [CR] Fw: [Frame] Handbuilt bikes in the media/ now The Competition Bicyclebook

Vintagistas,, I sent this to the Frame list after reading the plug from the UK about "The Competition Bicycle" and thought I'd put it up here also... The book is a really good read,,,, and all those on topic frames and parts,wow!

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Jan, Congratulations on your plug from across the pond. http://www.vintagebicyclepress.com/images/CompetitionBicycle.jpg

The author is spot on,, the Competition Bicycle would make a wonderful gift,(any time of year.)

The bikes within are beautifully photographed, and it is an interesting read for sure. I really enjoy the historic photos that accompany the bikes.

Fausto's Bianchi is so "smooth" and cool, patina rules!! The Delangle single pista is nicely clean and simple. I loved the historic race photos with the Herse porteur. The Biancho track proves that less is more! Moser's hour record photo is intense and his bike is so slippery in a form follows function sort of way.

(Disclaimer,,, there is this white bike with drilled out parts made by a builder in Ct,) hmmm.

Thank you for yet another fine book that should be in every cycling aficionado's reference library.

peter weigle Lyme, Ct.
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>> It's good to have and cultivate friends in the Media. In Britain, the
>> editor of the Sunday Times (circulation: 1.1 million) is an avid
>> cyclist, Bicycle Quarterly subscriber and lover of handmade bikes. He
>> recently put a short preview of our new book "The Competition Bicycle" in
>> the paper, see
>> http://www.vintagebicyclepress.com/images/CompetitionBicycle.jpg
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