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That is a gorgeous restoration, but I'll bet that the beauty of the frame pales besides the strength, the stories, and the character of its owner.

I hope that she is recording her memories for the rest of us, especially for the women (and men) of all ages for whom she is a terrific role model.

Appreciatively yours,

Jon Spangler Alameda, CA USA

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> Here is a Dick Power (from NYC) track bike we restored for its
> original
> owner recently. Decals provided to her by collector Eddie
> Albert. She raced it
> well in the 60s when she was a teenager. She also has a new Davidson
> titanium bike that she raced this year.
> _http://www.flickr.com/photos/8379107@N03/sets/72157610974461226/_
> (http://www.flickr.com/photos/8379107@N03/sets/72157610974461226/)
> Watch for the complete bike in pics soon. We are shining up the
> old parts
> and rebuilding wheels. Enjoy.
> Bob Freeman
> Elliott Bay Bicycles
> 2116 Western Ave
> Seattle, WA 98121
> 206-441-8144
> Home of Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles

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