Re: Re[4]: [CR]A BH track hub. Italian ?

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Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 16:28:34 -0500
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From: John Betmanis <>
Subject: Re: Re[4]: [CR]A BH track hub. Italian ?
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At 12:54 PM 10/12/2008 -0800, ternst wrote:
>The original Q was on a straight thread hub could a lockring be put on and
>could one use a fixed cog on such a hub.
>No one wanted to put a lockring on the same thread size as the cog on a
>track hub.
>A track hub by definition is one thread size for cog, and a smaller thread
>diameter in LH for the lockring.
>Whether it's single or double sided is not important.
>Some hubs were made with both straight thread for freewheel or cluster and
>the other side for a fixed.
>Many people want to put a fixed cog on their straight sided threaded hub and
>if it's tightened tight enuf it will usually stay tite and not roll off, but
>I wouldn't take that chance, and never ride it on the track.
>Using brakes on a fixed road use is smart in today's traffic.
>We used to ride fixed in traffic years ago and had no brakes, but traffic
>was much less and we knew how to glove our wheel and stop very qiuckly with
>a little back pedaling.
>Many times there is enuff thread left on a straight hub if the cog thread
>section isn't too wide to sneak a BB lockring on. and save the expense of a
>new wheel. Not really to race but fixed gear training and riding around is
>Lots of guys used to strip down their road bikes and put the fixed on that
>way and then several months later convert back.

That's exactly right. Back in the day when I rode with a club in the UK, used to remove the block and replace it with a single cog and BB lockring for winter riding, often dispensing with the rear brake, but never the front. The law was very strict about having two "brakes". The question should be, why did Nick March describe this as a track hub when it does not have track threading?

John Betmanis
Woodstock, Ontario