[CR]And Speaking of Orphans (ATTN: Colnago Buffs)

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Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 21:54:21 -0500
Subject: [CR]And Speaking of Orphans (ATTN: Colnago Buffs)

Another shot in the dark here:(A wise man once said "If ya don't ask, you 'll never know.") I am about to make a replacement fork for my '71 Colnago, which was obtai ned WITHOUT a fork.I will be making a fork that's *kinda* close, just to get her rolling: Cinelli MR semi-sloping crown, Columbus blades and stee rer, Campagnolo tips. My plan is to borrow a '73 fork from a buddy and ge t all of the measurements I need from it. But just in case...Here's my ques tion to The List: JUST IN CASE I ever want to do a full-on restoration. Anyone have an orpha ned pre '72 Colnago fork around that needs a happy new home? Perhaps a rem nant of a crash years ago? Perhaps a damaged fork from which I can salvage the original crown? Matthew BowneBrooklyn, New York