[CR]Most Pleasant Surprise in my Email

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From: "Bruce Gordon" <bgcycles@svn.net>
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Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 09:55:13 -0800
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Subject: [CR]Most Pleasant Surprise in my Email

This morning while having my coffee and watching the "Depressing News" on TV, I received an email from someone who bought a frame of mine on ebay.

Usually this type of email (I usually get about 1 per week) asks for detailed info about a frame I have built in the last 35 years. My standard answer is that I have every piece of info dating back to 1976 - but,

It takes at least an hour to research it - time spent not working - time I must charge for. This answer is usually followed by emails about what an @#$%$#%^#$%%$ I am for charging for that research.

Well much to my surprise - the new owner of my frame said how well made it was, and that he was anxious to get parts on it and ride it.

Now for the "Kicker"!!!!!!

He had made a deposit in my Paypal account of 10% of the price he paid for it as a "Royalty" in appreciation. This is for a frame I built 29.5 years ago. It almost brought tears to my eyes - yes - Bruce Gordon has feelings - contrary to public opinion.

It was not the $$$, but the appreciation of the 'New Owner" that choked me up.

Something to think about.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season.


Bruce Gordon

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