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Subject: RE: [CR]What is it, George Mount's detritus edition...
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 18:43:38 -0800
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Part one are for American Classic water bottle cages. They go between the wire cage and the frame. Part two are christophe toeclip hardware. chris ioakimedes Fairfax, California

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WTH part two looks like part of some toeclips. My Christophe toe clips have those to attach the pedals. Maybe a replacement kit?

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> Classic content,
> Ten plus years back or so I went to a Hellyer Vellodrome benefit garage sale at George Mount's house and bought a campy seatpost box chock full of assorted nuts and bolts and bike detritus ($5?), including a whole crapload of metal campy crank dust covers. There were a whole pile of these blocky bits in both aluminum and plastic:
> which I have no idea what they are.
> And then huge numbers of bags of these:
> Which I assume are toe clip mounting hardware? Why do I have ten bags of these? Damn you George Mount, damn you!
> As an aside, George seemed like a great guy, much shorter than I would have guessed. I wish I got there early and was not on a starving grad student budget of $50 bucks, but what can you do.
> Thanks for any help....
> Tarik
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