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Dear Rich,

Thanks for the enthusiastic Peugeot ride report--I remember lots of fast rides on my PX-10LEs. (The sluggishness could well have been both biological and mechanical in nature, but you would know better than i would how much of each: how much grease was pushed out of the hub bearing dust covers?)

As to the serial number being stamped into your BB as well as on the riveted alloy plate, I watched the guys at Collins Cycle Shop in Eugene, OR, hand-stamp many Peugeot serial numbers directly into the BB shells at the shop after deciphering the tiny numbers on those alloy plates. They told me they did this because the alloy plates could separate from the BB shell in use (or, more likely in our university town, would be removed on purpose by bike thieves), leaving the bike unidentifiable. So the LBS that sold the bike new could have done the same thing when it was first sold.


Jon Spangler

feeling nostalgic for my Peugeot PXs in Alameda, CA USA

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> I needed to get out today and shake out some cobwebs after a busy few
> days, and I remembered the lovely show room condition PX10 I've been
> admiring in the garage for way too long was actually READY to
> ride. The
> virtually unused bike had some oxidation on the Stronglight rings, and
> I'd taken them off for some polishing right after the bike came to me
> from Ted E (thx again Ted !). It was so complete, I decided to leave
> the big gawdy safety reflectors jus as the were. So today it finally
> hit the road.
> Starting out on the path the ride felt a bit sluggish. But after 5
> miles or so, on my way down Ventura Blvd here, the bike seemed to come
> to life ! Maybe the bearing grease in the wheels finally got to
> working, or maybe my legs came to life. Who knows ? But it was
> FLYIN on
> the way back, thats for sure. I stopped by a big Christmas display at
> the Galleria, and put it up along side the presents - check out the
> shots below.
> Rich Pinder
> Van Nuys, CA
> http://www-hsc.usc.edu/~rpinder/PX10.html

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