[CR]Ethics with list members.

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2008 20:56:26 -0500
From: crumpy6204@aol.com
Subject: [CR]Ethics with list members.

AS some of you know. I have flogged DVDs and Cds to list members also odds and sods parts. Usually I ask for PayPal but I have also told members,"just drop a bill in the mail"? I must say, I have I guess been lucky. Allmost 100% to date. Sometimes I have to send a few Emails but not bad. NOW I have just received a Cd for the computer the "Brown Bros 1953 cats". from a Brit Ebayer. Notbad lots of GOOD info EVEN COVERS!. NOW IF I get enough response I AM WILLING to get copies made and Mail to any member that wants one. FOR FIVE BUCKS, A COPY, POSTAGE INCLUDED. NOW this will in NO way cover my cost. Gas for the Ferrari.(Artfully camouflaged as a Boxster) my time, that I, NOW have lots of and the Bucks, I DONT have lots of,? A five dollar BILL (in a plain envelope) to John Crump 6204 Northstar Ridge Lane,Parker, Co USA Email me at Crumpy6204@aol.com IF you are interested. USA members only. John Crump OldtryingtobeethicalBrit. Parker.co USA. By the way I got ONE answer about "covers"Thanks Peter.