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Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 08:51:12 -0800 (PST)
From: "Fred Rednor" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Grand Bois Rims
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In my experience, if you keep the pressure below 85psi (about 6 bar) the hook bead-seat is unnecessary. I believe hook beads were invented so that you could use very high inflation pressures with flexible (i.e. Kevlar)bead tires.

If the pressure isn't so high, the rim does not require a hooked bead-seat. With steel bead tires, I've even run 95psi (nearly 7 bar) without any problems.
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\r?\n> >It looks like the Grand Bois Rims are not a hook bead

\r?\n> type?

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\r?\n> >Any reason to not have a hook bead rim?


\r?\n> As I recall, hook bead rims were a relatively recent

\r?\n> invention, used for

\r?\n> folding tires with "stretchy" beads that would

\r?\n> otherwise blow off regular

\r?\n> straight sided rims. It seems that modern clincher bicycle

\r?\n> tires no longer

\r?\n> have strong wire beads, or their beads don't sit deep

\r?\n> enough, so that they

\r?\n> need hook bead rims to keep them in place. So to answer the

\r?\n> question, those

\r?\n> Grand Bois rims are probably of traditional vintage design

\r?\n> meant for

\r?\n> traditional vintage tires. Of course, this is all

\r?\n> conjecture on my part and

\r?\n> I'd like to know exactly how it came about that modern

\r?\n> clincher tires

\r?\n> degenerated to where they required hook bead rims to keep

\r?\n> them in place.


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