Re: [CR]Simplex seat tube mounted front shifter (was WTB...)

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Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 18:02:38 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Simplex seat tube mounted front shifter (was WTB...)

Re: WTB Simplex.... Don't despair. It is possible to fit or adapt the cage from a latter-day , garden-variety Simplex "Prestige" cable-actuated rod-type front derail leur to the older manually-operated Simplex jobs. At any rate, I have do ne that once with some success. Of course, it is not the long graceful c age that some of the older "reach-down" (I just cannot bring myself to s ay "suicide," as it needn't be, and overstates the case) units had, but in some cases a '70s Prestige cage is a pretty reasonable facsimile of t he original '50s / early '60s equipment. Could the cage in some instance s have been a direct carry-over from the earlier era? At any rate, both types employ a similar fixing arrangement--a bolt that serves as a set-s crew. And the Prestige, in most instances, is still carrying one version
   or another of the classic Simplex logos. If all else fails, is that modern constructeur still willing to make tha t improved / replica "wire" model manual front derailleur? There was a p osting about it and a link to it on-list a few months back. Perhaps he c ould be persuaded to make a mere cage to directly replace your Simplex-- i.e., sporting the same attachment method--a bit of tubing with a set-sc rew (bolt). But I cannot recall who that builder is, nor locate a bookma rk for his re-engineered "wire" derailleur. However, someone on the list
   must have it . . . ? I believe it was shown at NAHBS but do not believe
   more than a few were produced. Perhaps a small amount of "demand" will keep it alive as an option for the older randoneuse that is still seeing
   use. I know I could use a couple when finances eventually permit. Tom Ward Brooklyn, New York -- USA ____________________________________________________________ Become a Medical Transcriptionist. Click here to find schedules designed
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