[CR]Fw: '63 bianchi track bike for sale.

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Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 06:46:04 -0800 (PST)
From: jeffrey piwonka <jmpiwonka@yahoo.com>
To: classic rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Fw: '63 bianchi track bike for sale.

saw this for sale on the serotta forum and emailed for pics so i could forward to the list... asking price is said to be $3200/offer.


Jeff Piwonka
Austin, Texas, USA

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\r?\n> Subject: Re: bianchi pista for sale.

\r?\n> To: "jeffrey piwonka" <jmpiwonka@yahoo.com>

\r?\n> Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 12:18 AM

\r?\n> Jeff,


\r?\n> Sorry for not getting back to you sooner as I was out of

\r?\n> touch during the holidays. I would like to take you up on

\r?\n> your kind offer of forwarding the pics to Classic Rendezvous

\r?\n> list. Here is a link to my photobucket album. I

\r?\n> don't have the software to reduce the photos and joined

\r?\n> the service. Here is my first try

\r?\n> http://photobucket.com/64bianchi_pista Please let me know

\r?\n> what you think about the photos. I just completed a

\r?\n> breakdown and servicing of the bike down to the last nut,

\r?\n> bolt, bearing, and race. I had taken pretty good care of

\r?\n> the bike mechanically when I was racing and afterward when I

\r?\n> used it as an indoor trainer on rollers. The mechanical

\r?\n> bits are perfect and some of the campy grease that I used

\r?\n> for years was even clean. Everything rolls well.


\r?\n> I have been persistantly been fighting off parting the

\r?\n> bike out. I would like a collector to have the bike for a

\r?\n> fair price. Ed Litton of Richmond, CA I am sure could

\r?\n> bring the frame and chrome back into a pristine state. It

\r?\n> is rare that there is a whole bike like this in such great

\r?\n> mechanical condition with NO DENTS in the frame (always had

\r?\n> a top tube innertube roll taped in place to prevent the bars

\r?\n> from damaging the frame in a crash). The paint and chrome

\r?\n> shows the 44 years of life and for anyone who knows Italian

\r?\n> chrome wasn't the best in the world. Still the frame

\r?\n> lived inside and is in very good shape. It still has the

\r?\n> hard wooden plugs in the seat tube to prevent water from

\r?\n> getting to the BB and in the fork crown about 3 inches to

\r?\n> prevent problems if the fork ever broke.


\r?\n> I was once a member and remember it was a very active

\r?\n> group. Is Mr. Brown still involved? If you aren't

\r?\n> able to forward this to the CR site please let me know so I

\r?\n> can put the bike on eBay.




\r?\n> Regards




\r?\n> Don Keenan


\r?\n> keenand8111@comcast.net


\r?\n> dkeenan@insmed.com




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\r?\n> Subject: bianchi pista for sale.


\r?\n> hey, if you send me pics i'll post a link to the

\r?\n> classic rendezvous list. lots of collectors there.


\r?\n> Thanks,

\r?\n> Jeff