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Subject: [CR]Re: CR, shoe game, politics on CR

Dear Dickey,

That "shoe" game was not a political posting at all--it is actually a clever exercise developed by sports physiologists to enhance cyclists' hand-eye coordination (rather like the similarly-purposed video posted earlier today with the laughing but scantily-clad female cyclist in the "Ideale commercial").

Both "game" and "gams" encourage us to be more aware of the relative movement of objects in space, the better to avoid the potholes, cow pies, broken glass, and stray carbon-fiber frame pieces littering the road during high-speed descents on our Grand Bois tires. (The sharper eyesight thus developed also helps to discern the "invisible" hooks on KOF Grand Bois rims.)

Yours for a good chuckle once in a while, off-topic or not,

Jon Spangler Alameda, CA USA (on the left-leaning and left/west coast of these United States)

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> I thought we left politics out of the forum?
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