Re: [CR]RFG headsets

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Subject: Re: [CR]RFG headsets
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 11:47:06 -0800

Subject: [CR]RFG headsets

About [ebay] Item number 160304220468, Fred wrote:

" I'm interested, but my current vocational situation might curtail my ability to offer a bid at the moment.

I have bikes from the 1970s with these headsets, although - as you mention - they were probably first introduced much earlier."

I associate RGF with bottom bracket shells rather than headsets, and I've never seen a boxed RGF headset or one on a bike clearly marked RGF.

When I looked at the ebay photos I noticed that the boxes look a lot like the fragile boxes used by the nylon headsets I used to sell. The RGF headsets do not include the ball bearings and neither did the nylon headsets.

I've long wondered who the actual maker of the nylon headsets was.

Hugh Enox
La Honda, California, USA
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