Re: [CR]Vintage wind trainers?

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Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2008 23:19:48 -0500
From: "John Betmanis" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Vintage wind trainers?
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At 09:05 PM 09/02/2008 -0500, James Swan wrote:
>Yes, I remember those. I never owned one but they seemed pretty cool.
>I think that they came after the original RacerMate . Anybody
>remember those?
>They had a squirrel cage devise mounted on a swinging arm that that
>clamped onto the seat post. The roller was brought to bear on the top
>of the rear wheel with a length of surgical tube acting as a tension
>spring to keep it in contact . It had a tubular steel stand to hold
>the bike off the floor. The cool thing was that you could ride the
>bike on your rollers with the squirrel cage in place.

I made my own using the internals from a double sided blower with the aramature acting as the roller on the tire. A bungee cord provided additional pressure.

John Betmanis
Woodstock, Ontario