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Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 23:22:10 -0800
From: "Dan Kehew" <>
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> Still, I
> wasn't prepared for Portland. Cycling is everywhere. It's in your
> face or in your peripheral vision wherever you go. Rain or shine.
> Cycling culture seemed to ooze out of the pores of the city. That
> vibe wasn't just in the convention center, it's everywhere. And I
> didn't even spend that much time seeing Portland, but what I saw left
> me pretty impressed. Awed might be a better description. I've been in
> European cities that had a similar feel, but I can't remember another
> one in the US.

Just a clue, and not in any way putting down Portland, but the League of American Bicyclists has awarded "Bicycle Friendly Community" status to a number of cities 'round the country in 2005 and again in 2007. See:

Bunch were designated "Bronze Level" and "Silver" and "Gold" -- Portland got gold! Corvallis got gold, too. I think we'd have a much happier country if there were more cities with commitments to cycling that matched Portland.

Only one city is designated "Platinum." Same city that was the only "Platinum" back in 2005, too. Not Portland.

Dan Kehew Davis (really, you knew this already, didn't you?) CA USA