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Mike Fabian sent the following information about the distinctive black jersey worn by Bernard Hinault in the 1983 Flèche Wallonne. Thanks, Mike!

Aldo Ross Middletown, Ohio, USA

Dear Aldo,

The jersey was a special one that featured a nylon front and shoulder panels for inclement weather / rain. I remember seeing other pictures of them that year at other races.

Mike Fabian

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Pic of the Day 22 March, 2008 "Four Badgers"

A mud-spattered Bernard Hinault on his way to winning the 1983 Flèche Wallonne, a race which he controlled from start to finish. Hinault was on a tear that day, accelerating on the finishing circuit around the city of Huy and dropping most of his adversaries including Jan Raas, Giuseppe Saronni, and Hennie Kuiper.

Hinault wears a unique black Renault jersey. This isn't the team's all-black winter trainer as this one has short sleeves, worn here with black arm warmers (the normal yellow striped jersey can be seen in the background). I think this may have been the only appearance of this particular design. During the early 1980s team leaders occasionally wore slightly different jerseys, allowing their teammates to located them more easily.

Note the badger patch applied to the front of Hinault's helmet. Early in his racing career Hinault earned the nickname "Le Blaireau" (The Badger) because of his stubborn tenacity. The badger design also appears on the plug of his Cinelli 1-R stem and below the "Gitane" label on the headtube.

From "Eddy Merckx - The Fabulous World of Cycling - 1983 Season", 1983, Offpress s.a., Brussels, Belgium.


Aldo Ross
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