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Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 18:21:07 -0700
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Hi Sarah,

I won the 1949 Ohio State Junior ABLA Championship on a Sieber just like that one. And I raced it in the National Championships in San Diego. Also in 1949. I didn't win there. Mine was red. Sieber chrome plated and polished the entire frame and offered the buyer a choice as to which tubes were painted. When the paint faded\u2014and it did fairly quickly in the Ohio sun\u2014it was easy to go to all chrome. I was

one of the first kids in Ohio to use aluminum tubular rims, so my Sieber never had wood rims, only Fiammes. I remember building it up with parts from all over the world, I tried for every component from a different country. Now I only remember the stem was a square Major Taylor for which I had a custom-machined aluminum expanding front-end

plug made. Oh yeah, and I had Harden "bacon cutter" hubs. I tied and soldered the spokes, of course. Ted Ernst sold a gold Sieber track bike recently. I procrastinated and missed it.


Mark Fulton=09
Redwood City