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From: "David Snyder" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Wheel and frame storage suggestions
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 23:55:57 -0800

I find it convenient to first zip-tie pairs together with the axle of one wheel near midpoint between hub and rim of the mating wheel. I then zip-tie two or three pair together, overlapped sort of like fish scales. The resulting assemblies get leaned against one another along the wall, on the floor, and take up a lot less space than single wheels since they're oriented more vertically. It's also faster to move them around when each piece is 4 wheels instead of singles. I find that keeping them zipped together also reduces damage to rims and hubs from everything getting moved around separately. Securing wheels together with the zip ties used most efficiently is kind of an art, but I usually use about three thin ties for each joining and wind two loops around each spoke/spoke or spoke/rim junction.

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>I have 15 pairs of bicycle wheels and would like to receive the lists
> input and suggestions on creative space saving storage. The same goes
> for my 20 frames and forks.
> Any advise and pictures will be greatly appreciated.
> Rob Vermeer
> Aruba, Dutch Caribbean