Re: [CR]1958 Louis Pitard randonneur - first ride

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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 06:21:36 -0700
From: "Wyndham Pulman-jones" <>
To: Mitch Harris <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]1958 Louis Pitard randonneur - first ride
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Hi Mitch,

The seat tube is 61cm c-t-c, and the top tube is 59 cm c-t-c.

You may be right about the rear light. It certainly works the way it is cur rently mounted. But it does look as if it was probably meant to mount the o ther way round. I'll take a look and see whether it's solidly fixed that wa y or whether it will easily swivell round.


Wyndham Pulman-Jones Girton, Cambs., UK.

On Monday, March 10, 2008, at 02:01AM, "Mitch Harris" <mitch.harris@gmail.c om> wrote:
>Thanks for the report and great photographs. Do you mind sharing the
>size? Looks like a tall frame and long top tube.
>One question: The upper tail light on the rear mudguard looks like
>it's mounted upside down? If you twisted it 180 degrees the red
>surface would face to the rear rather than straight up as now. Is
>there something I'm missing about how these work?
>Mitch Harris
>Little Rock Canyon, UT
>On Sun, Mar 9, 2008 at 7:56 AM, Simon P-J <> wrote:
>> I was able to enjoy a first 25 mile ride on the Louis Pitard this mornin g.
>> ( con
>> d
>> ition/)
>> I was very surprised to find that the 40mm wide 650b tyres didnĀ¹t feel
>> all slow. (They are old Michelins rated at 40 psi which I was riding at 50
>> psi.) And they were wonderfully comfortable - making it much more relaxi ng
>> to ride quickly through the poor and damaged road surfaces at the cyclis ts'
>> edge of the road.
>> The bike felt incredibly stable - which actually meant that I found it
>> easier to hustle through tight bends with poor road surfaces than more
>> nimble bikes that are more prone to over-correcting.
>> It's not a light bike, but with the large Lefol mudguards, front rack,
>> dynamo and lights and the large, heavy tyres it's not at all bad at 27.5
>> lbs. I wasn't aware of the weight - or the width of the tyres. The bike fel
>> t
>> happy at a fast pace - and my time for my regular 25 mile route was up t her
>> e
>> with what I do on 20 lb lightweights. Which admittedly may be more of a
>> reflection on the fact that I don't go fast enough for differences betwe en
>> bikes to make much difference!
>> Probably the main revelation from the superficial impression of a first rid
>> e
>> was great shape of the randonneur bars - which have an unusually long ru n
>> forward from the tops with an upward curve which sits very comfortably u nde
>> r
>> the palms. This makes a very comfortable hand position and means that
>> there's little need to ride on the brake hoods. Which made sense of the fac
>> t
>> that the bike as I found it had the brakes mounted quite low so that the y
>> were only accessible from the drops.
>> Having ridden the bike I'm now more inclined to have the rust on the top
>> d
>> down tubes dealt with - even if that means sacrificing some or all of th e
>> original finish. It would be a great shame for the bike not to be in ful ly
>> rideable condition.
>> Wyndham Pulman-Jones
>> Girton, Cambs., UK.