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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 21:57:09 -0500
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Harvey Sachs wrote:
> 2) Weren't many classic hub brake options available. Principal one was
> the "Atom" drum brake, derived from some sort of motorized bike
> component, and typically with (a) French thread FW, (b) 36 oversized
> spoke holes, and (c) weak axles that bent. I still have one of these...

The one that came on my Gitane tandem was French thread, 40 hole, with a 12mm axle, mated with an Atom "Tandem" freewheel (4 pawls instead of the usual 2).
> 3) Till late in the era, the norm for rim brakes was the Mafac Tandem
> canti-lever. Oversized arms and longer pads.

These are on the Gitane as well.


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