[CR]Wheels for sale ! PX10, and 27" Mavic clincher MA2, and MORE !

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From: <emeneff@earthlink.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2008 12:10:46 -0700
Subject: [CR]Wheels for sale ! PX10, and 27" Mavic clincher MA2, and MORE !

Dear Listees,

I have the following wheels that I would like to offer to the list.

1. Peugeot PX10 OEM tubular wheelset - Mavic rims (with stamped name) and high flange Normandy Luxe Competition hubs. 5 speed SPLINED Atom freewheel 14-26 (not notched). Bearings are smooth but could use a grease re-pack. Need polishing. Comes with a pair of lovely Michelin 22 mm ORANGE tread sew-up tires which actually hold air, but should be re-glued. $50/pr. Probably from the late 1960's / early 70's.

2. 27" Mavic MA2 clincher rim 36 hole laced to a REAR Campy NR small flange hub /120 axle for 5-speeds (modern Shimano skewer)- nice shape and includes Continental Gatorskin tire and tube - $80 (the rim is drilled for as Schrader valve. ) You can get an inexpensive rubber grommet or an aluminum sleeve (Wheels Mfg.) to use with presta valves. If I find a valve sleeve in my stash I'll include it free.

3. Campagnolo Nouvo Record small flange front sew-up wheel / nice Sachs Maillard Skewer/36 DT 15 guage spokes/ new grey Mavic GL330 rim / Tufo Elite Road tire / This appears to be a nearly new wheel with only one issue - the original owner was obviously NOT experienced in gluing tires on and they made a bloody mess with the cement. This will have to be cleaned off before use. Nice build quality to the wheel under the mess and no wear on the braking surfaces. $40 as is.

I've tried to price these reasonably in order to move them into new homes ASAP.

Shipping will be at cost, probably via USPS or UPS - whomever is cheaper. Last pair I shipped was @ $25, I think. A single wheel will be less.

Thanks !
Mike Fabian
San Francisco, CA USA