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Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 15:39:02 GMT
Subject: Re: [CR]Boston CL Raleigh Pro


I have to agree with you. 70's Raleighs are my choice for the worst cons truction of any frame that we commonly see and know. I'd take a PX-10 ov er a Raleigh in a heartbeat, insofar as construction goes. I've seen a g ood number of Raleigh Pro frames that were tack brazed at the DT/BB junc tion and ST/BB junction but never got the rest of the braze material add ed. All kinds of other stuff too.

Raleigh is my last choice for a bicycle. Sorry guys.

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA

-- dean 53x13 wrote:

I know there is a certain appeal to these old Raleigh Pro and Internatio nal frames, but really, people, and I know this is MY OPINION only, whic h may not be worth much...but they are not a good value. These bikes wer e pretty poorly brazed....I worked in Raleigh shops for years as a teena ger and college student, and we had a lot of bad ones. They rode okay, b ut on the stiff and dull side, at least IMHO. Just two cents. Dean Patterson Alpine, CA USA

Peter Naiman <> wrote: Jack; I was cruising the w eb doing my usual Hetchin's search and noticed the advert which I think you're referring to. Below is the URL to the advert on Craigslist.

I called as well and if the bike is mint why the seller using a stock photo on Craigslist, and

willing to email photos. He might be honest, but seems a bit fishy. Pl us the advert has been around for a while. The only way to buy is if you know someone close by who could check out the bike and purchase it for you. My thoughts !!

Peter Naiman Milwaukee, WI USA

Jackson Kokeny wrote: Careful with this one. If the fluctuation in model year and list price isn't enough of a red flag, I offered the guy $700 (this was on the 1974 $1,00 0 version from a few weeks ago). He accepted and I haven't heard from him since. Could be he's just playing the market or could be he's collecting

numbers (*no emails*) for his boss at for 24 Hour Fitness. In any case, I'm not touching it, but I did manage to get a few fuzzy photos of it if any one else wants to have a go. Hit me up off list and I'll share the pics. Oth er than some hideous bar tape (which I ironically just replaced on my non-m int '74), it does appear to be a nice mount.

Jackson Kokeny Aspen CO USA



Dean Patterson Alpine, CA, USA DPCowboy

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