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Nor, thanks for the insight. But no, you haven't burst my bubble. I raced back then too and it was common knowledge that some of the pros used bikes from other builders but with the rider's sponsor's decals attached. I sported Gitane clothing from my Gitane-sponsored team but I continued to race on a Masi Gran Criterium.

I imagine he had a stable of bikes in Raleigh Team colors, some were likely built by Raleigh, some may have been otherwise. My coach at the time knew John Howard quite well & trained with him when his career was just getting started. Maybe I can use that "in" sometime to contact John and get the skinny on what really happened.

Mark Winkelman
Dallas, TX USA

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Raleigh Pro

> Truth to tell, the Raleigh Pro you coveted 'cause John Howard rode one
> wasn't really a Raleigh Pro----it was an Eisentraut painted in Raleigh
> Team
> Pro colors. I was in Freewheeling Bike Shop in Austin, Tx when he came in
> one day looking for someone to re-spray his 'traut 'cause he was riding
> for
> Raleigh. Not an uncommon occurance. I have a mystery frame outfitted w
> Raleigh transfers, but sporting an Italian threaded b/b.
> Nor Meyer in Mt. Vernon, IA
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