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Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 08:49:00 +0800


Do you know if the tubes are aluminium, titanium or carbon? I suspect the latter looking at the tubing and lug joins. If so, it is one of the early Colnago uses of Carbon tubing and was marketed as a "Carbitubo". The also made until mid 90's a Bi-Titanio in the same format in Titanium but the lugwork is not present. Given these were around 1990, if you wanted to contact me off list I can give you some examples of ones I have and have restored.

Anthony Kinder
Perth, Western Australia
eBay alias: RetroColnago

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From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos
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Subject: [CR]Colnago DUALL

> Just bought this bike, which the CR website identifies as a Colnago DUALL.
> Only two bids, and the first one was the starting minimum. Pretty good
> pictures, but the seller doesn't seem to know much about the bike, and has
> a less than perfect command of English, even though he is in California.
> He did not identify the model.
> The CR site does not say what years this model was made. Anyone know?
> It also shows a frame set only. I'm thinking the circa 1990 Dura Ace/600
> with indexed DT shifters may be too new for this frame. Would C-Record
> perhaps be appropriate?
> The CR website also implies that, even though this frame was made by
> ALAN, it was a design unique to Colnago. Does this mean this frame never
> appeared with ALAN decals or Guercotti, or others who sold rebadged ALAN
> frames? Speaking of decals, note that unlike the frame on the CR site,
> this one carries a Saronni decal on the toptube just ahead of the seatlug.
> However, this appears to be the only Saronni marking on the farme, which
> has a number of Colnago engravings and decals.
> Those who've been around CR a while know I'm not exactly a great fan of
> Colnago nor of any of the best known Italian marques. Not that they
> aren't good bikes, it's just that they all seem the same to me, following
> the Italian "formula" of the classic era. (Although I'll readily admit
> that French bikes of which I am a big fan, had their own "formula".) I
> tend to go for Italian bikes that are "different" in some way, Legnano,
> ALAN, Motta, Torpado. So this particular Colnago sort of fits my
> collection, definitely not typical of the marque. I think other Colnagos
> I would probably pick up at the right price would be Oval CX, Equilateral
> or Arabesque.
> So now I have a Colnago AND a Masi (an Alberto frame from Lou Deeter). I
> risk being drummed out of the Francophiles club.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Big Spring, Texas, USA