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Subject: Re: [CR]WTB 1947 Cheval Blanc corks
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2008 11:29:55 -0400
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Let me just pop down to the cellar and see if I can accommodate you.


Let's just move these cases of older Lafitte... 

Well, it's quite dark down here...

What if it's a slight mismatch, say a '47 and a '49? Still period correct...

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't it be a bit less expensive if I di sposed of said contents and simply shipped you the corks? Although I would i magine that you'd like to see and examine the corks in place to make certain that they are indeed NOS.

Well, let's just dust these two off a little... 

Yes, found them. Two matching bottles of '47, with matching corks.

Oh... wait... one is slightly marked from turning in the bin.

Guess it's not perfect and as NOS as one could wish. You probably wouldn't b e interested in them, though they certainly are "as found."

Oh well, I tried. Perhaps I can rid myself of these on ebay...

With kind regards,

Chris Wimpey

somewhere south of the wine region

San Diego, California


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Living over here in France, I see bikes in "as found" condition, which of co urse reflects "as used" condition. I guess that a lot of people in other countire s only get to see our bikes once "put right" by dealers.

The first conclusion I can draw is that people most definitely rode thir saddles very low back in the 60's and before, say two to four cm out of tube at the most. If at all, often the saddle is sitting on the top tube. They also rode with the bar stems "dangerously" high by todays standards, just a few cm inserted into the steerer tube. I don't know if one should infer from this t hat they rode bigger frames proportionatly to rider size, or if pedal stroke was

shorter. This info because I've seen the question asked on this list: "how f ar out did they ride their saddles?".

To get to the point, a whole load of bikes didn't have bar plugs. They cam e with wine bottle corks. As I'm restoring a c. 1947 bike that I got with shot

corks, I was wondering if any list member has some spare 1947 Cheval Blanc corks. I'd need a matching pair. Lafite would be acceptable at a pinch. You can mail me the full bottles, I'll dispose of the contents, use the corks, and return you the empties.

Nick March, Agen, 4700, Lot et Garonne, France

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