[CR]Pogliaghi and Zanardi

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From: "Eirik agb" <eirikagb@hotmail.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 17:50:28 +0200
Subject: [CR]Pogliaghi and Zanardi


This is my second post to this forum. Originally I attempted to gain some k nowledge about a bike I brought home from Italy with claims to being an ear ly Pogliaghi. Pictures and shared views are found on: http://www.bikeforums .net/archive/index.php/t-353957.html. I have understood that referring to d iscussions outside this list is not accepted.

On bikeforums, someone suggested I might look into Zanardi because of some peculiarities in the frame. In short, the bike is of very high quality with rather relaxed angles. It is truly lightweight. The more distinguished fea tures are brazed on shifters and front derailleur, as well as brazed on ove r-bb cable routers. Brakes are mod. 61's brazed directly onto the frame in two points. Pictures of similar detail on a Zanardi are found on wooljersey .com. Rear shifter cable runs through the seatpost. Rear spacing is 120 mm. The lack of a 'PSM' number calls the Pogliaghi identification into doubt. The frame is rusty and in the process of being paintstripped, but so far no serial number has been found. The frame seems to be of too good quality to be without a number of some kind. Dates on campy record hubs state 1968 wh ich is a pretty safe terminus ante quem, but the frame is obviously been ri dden by a mechanically interested rider: frame has been re-painted and buil t up with a wide range of components, including Gipiemme, Universal, Weinma nn, 3TTT and Campagnolo rear casette and pista-pedals (!). Components are i n addition drilled with great enthusiasm at some point. Therefore, these hu bs may belong to an all together different bike, or later upgrade and ther efore of a later date. Is there any reason to believe that the frame would be built specifically for Universal mod. 61 brakes after 1968? - From my ra ther limited knowledge, this sounds dubious, as i believe sidepulls became popular during the sixties and the mod. 68 replaced the mod. 61.

Input on whether or not this might be a Pogliaghi is greatly appreciated be cause the frame is too rusty to be left in its current state and therefore needs correct paint and decals. If anyone can supply some information on Za nardi, this would be greatly appreciated, in order to exclude or verify thi s possibility. The bike looks half Pogliaghi, half Zanardi, from comparing with photos. I believe I have found all the Pogliaghi photos available thro ugh searching the net. If anyone could supply further pictures of early mod els, this too would be great stuff. Last owner claims this is a Pogliaghi o f about 1963, which to some seems dubious, but I find it hard to doubt the guy because he basically is an old Italian man with little insight into vin tage lightweight prices and the bike was sold to me for a penny. The questi on, then, is whether Sante Pogliaghi was known to experiment with different frame solutions during the early/mid sixties. Currently, I'm unable to upload photos to a site that does not require a pa ssword. Photos, therefore, only to be found at bikeforums.net so far. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks! Eirik A Gulseth Oslo, Norway

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