Re: [CR]Gitane?

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From: "Richard Timm" <>
To: "sandranian" <>, "CLASSIC RENDEZVOUS" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Gitane?
Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 22:11:23 +0200

Hi Stephan,

> available in europe at the time, but 1980-82 would be a very good
> estimate, probably leaning towards the earlier date because of
> the durifort tubing decal.

So it seems to be sure that the parts was updatet later. The Headset seems to be a Campa superrecord so I would think that it was tuned long time ago as no of the nowadays vintage cyclists would use this headset (or Dura Ace highflange hubs on Module E) on that frame i guess (don't missunderstand me, I love it). I really like the cycle and the mix so I won't change it.
> Also, if anyone has any of the catalogues from 1979-1982, I
> would sure appreciate a scan so that it could be posted to the
> website....

I really like that there are vintage catalogues on the website. Great support to the customers. Hopefully there will be more once.

best regards, Richard

Hamburg, Germany