Re: [CR]vintage bicycle photo sharing

(Example: Framebuilders:Cecil Behringer)

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 13:27:07 -0700
From: "Morgan Fletcher" <>
To: Jay S <>
Subject: Re: [CR]vintage bicycle photo sharing
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Jay S wrote:
> Okay, last post for the day.....I'm open to suggestions for a photo
> sharing site so I can share my small collection of old bicycles.
> Photobucket is way too busy with advertisements and other crap.

Register and I'll activate your account.

I am way behind on the due-diligence portion of registration for a lot of logins / emails I don't recognize. If you're waiting for me to activate your account, please let me know.

Jay, I built wooljersey for people like you.

Morgan Fletcher
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