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Clean it, touch it, run your hands across the tubes. Think of the wars that great old frame has fought. Think of the first owner who loved that bike more than red wine, more than chocolate. Not more than his first love...but the conflict was ever present. Think of the landscapes it has seen. Think of the wide country roads it has travelled, canopies of leafy trees shading the way.

The world might see the chips and scrapes as shortcomings. Instead, see them as badges of honor. Pay homage.

No sandpaper. No paint. No new decals. Don't rub away its life.

Build it, love it, ride it.

Pat Moffat Tempe AZ USA Getting into the Red, the chocolate, the searing heat

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I am at a crossroads in my cleanup of this PX-10. Do I conserve or restore? PX-10's are not uncommon, so do I restore (refinish)? I am open to hear the views of my fellow listers. View pics of the frame @< albums/e77/kerapp/>

Thanks for your input.

Kerry Rapp Myerstown, Pennsylvania United States of America

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