RE: [CR]When shipping, what works for a cheap hub substitute?

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Subject: RE: [CR]When shipping, what works for a cheap hub substitute?
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Greg, many years ago I received a frame back from you guys with one of th e wood blocks you mention.  It is the best way to prevent dropout and r/d hanger damage that I have ever seen.  Of course I used it to ship a fram e many years ago and I no longer have it.  Could you please post a photo of it?

Ray Dobbins
Miami FL USA

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An old large-flange hub works very well. A bolt and nuts are ok for preserving the axle spacing, but they don't protect the derailleur hanger from being bent the way a large-flange hub will. A hard enough hit can also close the axle slots slightly, even with an axle substitute in place.

The best alternative is a cut piece of 2x2 lumber. We cut part of each end off so that the center of the block equals the axle spacing width. We leave about a half-inch ear on each end that is the thickness of the axle slot. When inserted into the dropouts, the ears fill the entire dropout slot, and the block hangs down to protect the entire derailleur hanger.


Greg Reiche CyclArt Vista, CA USA

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Recent emails about shipping damage indicate you want a hub or a hub substitute between the forks and rear stays to reduce shipping damage. I don't want to tear down any wheels. Just buy long bolts with some nuts at the hardware store? If so, what diameter and length of bolt works best?

Don Wilson Los Olivos, CA USA

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