RE: [CR]Comment on Cirque bike classification: "original" v. "restored"

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Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2008 17:24:07 -0400
From: "Leonard Diamond" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]Comment on Cirque bike classification: "original" v. "restored"
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Firstly I will admit to not having read all the posts in this thread so if I am duplicating previous posts please excuse me.

It seems to me that instead of trying to reinvent the wheel (regardless of its weight or rotation) you can use/adapt the guidelines that the antique car folks have come up with over the years. For example: (from The National Association of Antique Automobile Clubs of Canada Corporation (NAAACCC),


The Original Class differs from all the other categories insofar as it is intended to encourage the preservation of vehicles in their original condition. Because the rules covering this class are unique, participants are asked to check them carefully before entering their vehicles for judging in this category. If you have any question as to the eligibility of your vehicle, you should contact the Chief Judge in advance of the meet for clarification in order to avoid disqualification at the judging site.

1. To be eligible the vehicle must have:

a) Original engine and power train (maybe rebuilt)

b) Not more than 50% of the exterior repainted

c) Not more than 50% of the interior replaced

d) Must Have Safety glass in windshield

e) (Glass in all windows may be replaced with safety glass.)

f) Not more than 50% of the bright work redone

g) Or a combination of the above not exceeding 150%


Vehicle has all new upholstery 100% No new paint 0% Half bright work chromed 50% Total Vehicle is eligible 150%


Vehicle has all 4 fenders painted 50% Seats only upholstered 50% All chrome done 100%

Total Vehicle is not eligible 200%

The above two examples illustrate that any combination of maintenance designed to keep the vehicle on the road will not, in itself' prevent the vehicle from being judged in this class. Back to my comments:

Granted the guidelines are 100 plus pages but if someone wanted to you could adapt their rules to the bicycles fairly simply.

Len Diamond
Ridgewood New Jersey USA